$60 an Hour  -or- $1 Per Minute

We Provide Driver and One (1) Assistant

To assist you and your friends to load / unload the truck!

BIG JOB? SMALL CAR?  Need a Truck?  Need a Trailer & Truck?

We are your friend with a pickup truck and (NEW) Trailer!

We will transfer your big stuff that does not fit into your car.   Let us Help you!

In what ways can you use our service?


Store Deliveries

Online Pickups (i.e. Craigslist)

Large Item Delivery

Storage Unit Hauling

Garage/Moving Help


Time starts when your driver arrives at the pickup location and ends when your driver has dropped off the last item on the truck.  All of our HYL drivers come equipped with at least four ratchet straps, four bungee cords, two blankets and a tarp to help secure and protect your item(s).


$60 an Hour -or- $1 Per minute

(includes 1 FREE Assistant and Driver)


Whether you provide your own helpers to load and unload our truck, or utilize our assistant, we are here to help.  If you should need a 2nd assistant, the rate would be an additional $30 per hour.


24-Hour Advance Notice Required.   One-Hour Deposit Required.  For last minute request, feel free to inquire.  (Add'l rate for Trailer required starting at $19 if needed)

*(Rates does not include 8.75% Tax)

TRAVEL FEE?  Travel Fee required for distances 30 minutes past HYL Office.  Most Chicagoland locations are within 30 minutes from our location based on Google Maps, except during rush hour.  Travel Fee is $1 per minute (outside of 30 minutes) based on time of day, location, etc.    For example, if your pickup location is in Evanston, IL, and according to Google maps, the travel time to Evanston is 30 minutes, NO TRAVEL FEE is required.    However, if pickup location is in Evanston during rush hour (ex 4:30 p.m.), and Google Maps states the time of arrival to pickup location is an hour, then the Travel fee is $30.  The first 30 minutes is free....each additional minute is $1 per minute.  

For a 'Travel Fee' estimate, simply go to Google Maps:

1)  Enter our address at "6439 S. Racine, Chicago, IL"

2)  Enter 'Your Pickup address' along with your preferred time

Call 1-312-945-7982

Ask for Nonya

or fill out

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